This is the time of year where I lose motivation, seriously rethink my choices in life, and want to go home.

School is not my thing.

Anonymous said: I have gotten accepted to UH Manoa and I am having second doubts about wanting to go there. I don't want to leave my friends, who now, we have gotten so much closer, but I know I need to go to college and sacrificing an amazing opportunity for friends is crazy, so how was your experience there? Easy to meet people? Find Work? Academics? Locals? Overall atmosphere? Fun? Why did you only stay for one year?

Your doubts were my exact feelings prior to leaving home to attend UH! 

First off, I’m a sophomore so I’m still at Hawaii. I chose to attend UH mainly to get a whole new experience - not just college-wise, but life-wise! I had been living in my hometown of Seattle for 14 years, and although I absolutely love it there, I wanted to try something new. Both my parents left home for college, so I figured, why not me too?

Also, there were a few other factors that helped me make my decision:

  • I’m Japanese-American, and there’s a ton of Japanese influence and culture here, which was perfect for me.
  • I was eligible for the WUE tuition, which makes attending UH a lot more affordable than paying out-of-state tuition.
  • New environment and place = new start, new life, new experiences.

Honestly, every college experience depends on each individual. And as cheesy and redundant as it sounds, it’s honestly how you make it.

To tell you the truth, I hated my freshman year here. I was beyond homesick. I wanted to be home with my friends and family. But I found other alternatives rather than sulking. I got involved. I joined marching band (color guard to be specific) and joined the planning committee for UH’s Relay For Life. Both got me a group of friends, which helped make my transition here easier.

As for work, I’ve seen a lot of off-campus businesses such as restaurants and retail places hiring. I’ve applied to a few and been offered jobs, but ultimately took an on-campus job for the convenience factor. 

It’s hard to say for academics. I’m a psychology major, so a good chunk of my classes have been psych related. So far, the classes have been insightful. But I do know that UH is heavily research-based, and not as much practical, which is why I’ve considered transferring where I can truly take classes to what I want to do for my career. 

Oahu is such a beautiful place, it’s hard to not adventure outside and have fun. The atmosphere here is definitely laid-back, and I’ve had fun at beaches, going on hikes, driving up to the North Shore, trying out local food, etc. 

Hope this helps!

Four Saturdays ago, I slept over.
Last night, we danced. A lot.

When one of our mutual friends told me “I think ______ wants to dance with you”, I almost didn’t believe him.

Sure enough, you came, and we did.

I honestly wonder what you think of me.